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What Homeowners Should Know About Water Well Pump Replacement

Choosing & Replacing a Residential Well Pump

If your home is one of the 15 million households in America that receives water from a private well, you’re responsible for the quality and maintenance of the system that delivers it to your home. The heart of your water delivery system is your well pump.

Your well pump lifts water from your well and delivers it to a pressure tank where it is stored until needed. When you turn on the faucet your well pump receives an electrical impulse and starts in order to replace the water that was used.

How A Well Pump Works

Typically, a well pump lifts water from your well and delivers it to a storage tank. Most pumps are electric and use suction to draw water from the well. There are two primary types of well pumps:


A jet pump includes a pump and a motor to drive the pump. A jet pump system will always include a pressurized water tank in the home.


A submersible pump is placed below the water line in your well and also includes a pump motor. An internal check valve regulates water flow and a submersible system may or may not include a pressure tank based on available water flow.

Jet Pumps Vs Submersible Pumps

There are several factors that determine which pump is right for your home. The depth and location of your well are primary factors. Jet pumps pull water, while submersible pumps push water upward.

For homes with shallow wells, a jet pump makes the most sense.

Jet pumps are available as single drop systems and double drop systems. Jet pumps sit above ground near the well head. They have a one-way check valve to keep them primed and ready. Because they’re above ground and accessible, they tend to require less maintenance and when they do it’s easier to accomplish.

If your home has a deep well, submersible pumps are more efficient.

Submersible pumps use a pressure tank to draw water through a single pipe connecting the well and the home. Submersible pumps are installed underground below the waterline in the well. They can draw water from up to 400 feet, but because they are underground and underwater, must be pulled from the well for repairs. Because it is easier to push water than to pull it, submersible pumps actually have fewer problems and are more energy efficient than jet pumps. However when a problem does arise it is harder to access the pump for repairs.

How To Identify Potential Well Pump Problems

Here in Connecticut, most homes have deep wells and submersible pumps. Depending on the nature of the problem, your pump may need simple repairs, or if severe, replacement.

If you’re experiencing problems such as decreased water pressure, dirty water, air or odd noises coming from the faucet, you may have a well pump problem. Unusually high electric bills may be a clue as well. This could indicate that your pump is running continuously to maintain water pressure. Anything that puts a strain on the pump can cause a premature failure.

While these are obvious problems, there are other problems that may be a bit less obvious and may need some investigation to diagnose and repair. When your pump fails first troubleshoot your system. Consider:

  • The Breaker – Sometimes it’s as simple as a blown circuit breaker. Always check for this first. If the breaker trips sometimes a fix is as easy as turning back on. If you do and there’s still no water, shut it down to prevent further damage and call your well water professional.
  • Dry Spell Or Drought – If you’re getting air in your lines it may be due to lowered water levels. Other signs include muddy, cloudy or foul tasting water. Lack of rain and long periods of hot, dry weather can lower the water table. You may need to adjust your pump by placing it deeper into the well.
  • Is Your Well Pump the Right Size – Pump size is calculated by the size of your system, interior and exterior fixtures, appliances, and the water needed during peak demand. If you’ve added a new bathroom, for example, you may need a larger pump.
  • Troubleshoot the Pressure Tank – Along with your pump, a submersible system includes a pressure tank. There is a pressure switch, much like a circuit breaker located on top of the feed line. It can be quickly reset and this can often solve the problem.

Perform Regular Maintenance

If you encounter any of these problems and troubleshooting doesn’t solve them, give your well water professional a call. They can offer you advice, repair your pump or recommend the proper replacement.

With proper care, your well pump can last 15 years. The best way to ensure efficient service is to schedule an annual maintenance inspection.

At Griswold Plumbing Services our annual program includes inspection of all lines, the pump, motor, and pressure tank. We’ve provided our customers with peace of mind by annually inspecting and maintaining their well water systems. A little maintenance is an easy, cost-effective way to ensure years of plentiful, safe water for your family.

gas line repair installation services ct

Gas Line Repair & Installation Services

Gas lines are the pipes or lines that carry fuel to your heating system, water heater, gas dryer, hot tub, gas grill and any other gas appliances that may be in your home. In years past, gas lines were made mostly of heavy black iron or copper. Today most residential gas lines are made from a corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST) that is very flexible.

A Few Things You Should Know About Gas Lines

Being a homeowner has many benefits and it has its responsibilities, as well. One of those responsibilities is making sure that your home’s gas systems work properly and are safe. Ensuring that your home has the best and most up to date gas lines could very possibly save your life and the lives of your loved ones, also.

With time, gas lines like anything else, can become rusted, cracked, broken, or can leak at joints and valves. Pipes can be loosened by years of movement from hooking and unhooking appliances. When this happens, the line needs to be inspected and repaired and re-inspected again before the gas can be turned back on to the home.

When old iron gas lines become rusty, they also become weakened and are more likely to break or leak. As old lines rust, flakes of rust can get into the old lines and cause them to become clogged. When this happens the gas can’t flow through the lines the way that it should and can cause serious leaks or even an explosion. These pipes need to be replaced as soon as possible.

Another very common issue with gas lines is excavation damage. Often homeowners, or even professional excavators, unknowingly dig in the same area that gas lines are buried. Once an old gas line is hit and broken by a shovel or backhoe, it should be replaced as soon as possible. All gas leaks are dangerous and can quickly become fatal if they are not repaired or replaced immediately.

If you suspect you have a gas leak, call your Connecticut (CT) plumbing experts at Griswold Plumbing, LLC by dialing 860-554-5219 today.

bathroom remodeling ct

Ideas For Remodeling Your Bathroom

With older showers and tubs, the exterior can begin to crack or become discolored over time and begin to leak if they are not properly maintained. The grout and the caulking on the shower can also begin to come off or discolor, which can make the bathroom look unappealing. If this occurs, you will definitely want to remodel the bathroom as soon as you can, to prevent further damage and also to keep your bathroom looking clean and up to date. During a bathroom remodeling project is also the perfect time to replace your older toilet with a more energy efficient one that saves you money on water with every flush.

If you want to plan for a bathroom remodeling project, you should look through magazines and throughout the internet to find some savvy design ideas. You can also watch design shows, such as on HGTV and TLC which can provide some great ideas on how to lay out your bathroom and get some great tips on purchasing fixtures for a specific theme. You will also want to decide which colors to use in the new bathroom and find some space saving ideas that can help your bathroom appear larger. This would be a great time to also update your plumbing, especially if you are noticing some leakage or water pressure problems, or would just like to upgrade the shower heads and fixtures to more luxurious ones.

Planning a bathroom remodeling project for your home in the Connecticut (CT) area? Call Griswold Plumbing, LLC, your Connecticut (CT) Plumbing specialists today at 860-554-5219.

5 Tips For Hiring A Plumbing Contractor

Hiring a plumber to fix a problem or perform an installation in your home requires the right contractor that is able to perform the work. If you have a plumbing emergency in your home, then you will want to hire a reputable plumber. This will require asking the right questions when calling for service. You can hire a local plumber easily by following a few simple tips.

Get a Recommendation
Ask friends and family members if they can recommend a good plumber. You will typically have better results by using a plumber that was recommended. Another option is to ask co-workers if they know of a good plumber in the area. Asking for a recommendation is also a great way to ensure you do not have a bad experience.

Check for Insurance
Information about a plumber is only as good as the information you get first hand, This means that you need ask if the plumber recommended to you is insured. You can call the plumber of look to see if they have a website that you can view. Many plumbers will have this information available if you ask to see it.

Verify Their License
Plumbers require a license to perform any type of paid plumbing work. This means that the license will need to be active and not expired. If you are thinking about hiring an unknown plumber, then you need to make sure that they have a valid license. Most states have a licensing entity that you can view to see if a license is valid and possibly any complaints that have been received.

Ask for References
Plumbers that are not eager or balk at providing references may not perform satisfactory work. Most plumbers are eager to get more work are more than willing to provide a list of customers. You can call previous customers and inquire about previous work.

Get an Estimate
Professional plumbers will provide you with a written estimate for the cost of the work. Any work that is performed in your home should also be guaranteed.

We will Gladly attend to  all of your questions and concerns, Griswold Plumbing Services provides the highest level of service for all of your plumbing needs. Call us today at  860-554-5219.

low water pressure ct

Experiencing Low Water Pressure?

Whether trying to wash a load of laundry, or hoping for a steaming hot shower, water pressure plays an essential role in just about every activity or chore that involves water in the household. However, water pressure can easily be affected by a wide range of issues, some large and some small.

The buildup of sediment is one common cause of low water pressure which can lead to clogs in your pipes. Sediment can develop either from flowing in from your municipal source or well, or from substances like dirt or pipe shavings which can enter your plumbing after working on the pipes or installing new ones.

The back-flow preventer or pressure reducing valve is another area to consider when looking at issues with water pressure. These devices regulate the pressure of the water entering your home. If these start to break down over time or are installed incorrectly, the overall water pressure can be reduced significantly.

A water pressure issue can also occur because of your water supply shutoff valves. If you have recently had to turn off your water for repairs or other issues, you may not have opened the valve back up completely. This can reduce the amount of water that flows through the valve, reducing your water pressure.

If you have galvanized or steel pipes that are greater than 20 years old, your water pressure issue may stem from pipe corrosion. Over time these types of pipes can corrode and lead to mineral buildup which can block the pipes and reduce water flow. This problem can be verified by a plumbing professional, who can also provide options for fixing the problem.

Notice a drop in your faucet’s water pressure or would like to strengthen your water pressure? Contact Griswold Plumbing Services LLC today at 860-554-5219 to schedule an in-home consultation with your Connecticut (CT) water pressure expert.

Toilet Repair and Installation Services CT

What You Need To Know When Purchasing A New Toilet

There are many different options available to a home owner when they are considering to invest into home improvement projects. One of the most popular projects to take advantage of is found with remodeling bathrooms and investment into new toilets. When you are trying to make the decision related to toilet investment, make sure you understand what you need to know when purchasing a new toilet.

  1. Style: Home owners in Bristol may be surprised to discover that there are many different options available to them when it comes to the style of the toilet they select. Traditional style differences can be seen with the selection between choosing an elongated or round bowl. Now you can discover additional variations including bowl height, tank style and even lid selection.
  2. Color: Go into almost any home and it is nearly guaranteed you will find a toilet that is white. This has been the traditional toilet style in homes for decades. However, there are now more options available for a person to choose from when it comes to color selection. Stainless steel is growing as a popular selection and you can even find different colors with porcelain toilets when special ordered.
  3. Conservation: Water conservation has become a hot topic for individuals concerned with their impact on the planet and the demands for conservation. Traditional toilets can use so much water that it impacts your monthly bills in a significant manner. Low flow toilets are now the best solutions to choose from when you are looking to save money on your regular bills while also helping save the environment.
  4. Budget: The final element you need to know when purchasing a new toilet is found with your budget. Getting the best toilet with the most unique style, the best custom color, and the highest conservation results could cost thousands. Take the time to evaluate what you are looking for from your bathroom investment and make sure your desired toilet is within budget.

Identifying these four elements in advance can help any person make the right decision when it comes time to investing in a new toilet for their home.

Tired of your antiquated toilet or simply need to replace it? Contact Griswold Plumbing, LLC today at 860-554-5219!

Burst Pipe Repair

Burst Pipe Repair Services

Beware of bursting pipes in your home. Damages caused by burst pipes will include structural and cosmetic damages as well as damages to to furniture, appliances and personal belongings. Water damage can be considered an unnecessary loss and a hassle. If you are a landlord, a bursting pipe can cause you more than a few belongings.

Pipes burst in the home because of inside pressure from frozen or expanded water. Water expands when it freezes. That expansion causes pressure from inside of the pipe and causes the pipe to burst. Burst pipes are a more frequent occurrence in older pipes. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” as the saying goes. Get insurance! While floods from natural disasters are not covered in home insurance floods caused by failing parts in the house are covered. Haddam and Middletown, CT are areas where cold temperatures are sustained for long periods of time, so be sure that your central heating system is on. In fact, set the heating system so that it runs when the home will be vacant, such as when you will be out of town on vacation. If you have water system components that run through your garage be sure to keep your garage door closed to trap heat. A few other strategies include hiring a reputable plumber to insulate your piping system, draining cold water from the system when leaving for days or more and doing away with any leaks (they can freeze as well). All of these tasks and more are called home winterization.

If you are in a bind due to an emergency burst pipe situation, shut off your water, heating systems, and electricity right away, and contact your plumber to fix the issue immediately so you can get back to your routine with the least interruption possible.

Suspect you may have a burst pipe emergency in the Connecticut (CT) area? Contact Griswold Plumbing, LLC, your emergency plumbing specialists, today at 860-554-5219.

Tankless water heater installation in ct

Tankless Water Heaters vs. Tank Water Heaters

With the new tankless water heaters coming out, everyone is debating which one is the best. The answer is not a simple one; your situation determines whether or not you would actually benefit from switching. Sometimes it’s just easier and cheaper to fix or replace your old tank water heater with a newer one with a warranty, unless you are going into a long term change.

With a tankless water heater, you will never run out of hot water unless you have a malfunction, of course. This is what makes them so appealing. You can take a shower while someone else does dishes, and another person is taking a bath. The hot water is there when you need it. On the other hand, if you choose to go tankless you can’t simply take out the old tank heater and stick the new one in its place. Changing over needs to be professionally done, but it’s well worth the money. Most of the time the gas use is increased with a tankless water heater which means additional money to upgrade. You will also probably have to completely rework the vent system for the water heater. The system for the old tank water heaters just won’t do. Converting from a tank to tankless is where most of the costs are involved.

Tank water heaters, on the other hand, are cheaper to replace if that’s the type you previously had installed. The ventilation system and pipes are already in place and unless some plumbing problems have risen, you should only have the cost of the water heater itself and the labor to remove the old and install the new. It takes a lot less time to install a water heater with one if it is the same type and size, however, you will miss out on the energy and water savings over time by staying replacing your old tank water heater with a new tank water heater instead of switching it out for a tankless energy efficient one. The other problem with the old-style tank water heaters is that they will run out of hot water, eventually, when it the water is run. You may have to wait to shower if you’ve just washed the dishes. How soon you run out is determined by the size of your heater and how many people in your home are using hot water.

Considering making the switch to an energy efficient tankless water heater for your Connecticut (CT) home? Contact Griswold Plumbing, LLC today at 860-554-5219 to schedule an appointment and help you choose the right system for your home’s needs.

what not to put down your drain

How Not To Treat Your Garbage Disposal On (And After) Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is almost here. It’s a time when families get together with friends and loved ones to give thanks for our blessings. Not only will we eat turkey with all the fixings, we’ll probably watch football, and enjoy each others company. But did you know Thanksgiving Day and the day after are the biggest days of the year for plumbing problems?

The truth is these critical plumbing problems are mainly garbage disposals. The usual cause is an old or worn out disposal, or attempting to process certain food items and grease. The drain lines connected to your disposal can’t handle grease, big bones, fibrous vegetables like celery, corn husk silk, even artichokes. What happens? Your drain lines clog and you get a smelly mess backing up into your sink. This can be quite embarrassing and stressful with a house full of company.

What can you do to steer clear of disposal and drain line problems? For one thing, you can pour your grease and fat into a can, freeze it, and throw it out with your garbage. Your bones can go into a plastic bag and end up in the trash. Throw the fibrous waste out with the trash. Just as easy as that.

Let’s take minute and talk about garbage disposal operation. It’s early enough for you to take a few operational precautions to avoid Thanksgiving Day garbage disposal problems. Experts say before you use your disposal, run cold water into it for about 30 seconds. Then, after you grind your items, run the cold water for another 15 seconds to flush the disposal and the drain lines. As a rule, you can put small bones in your disposal since they’ll sharpen the blades. On the other hand, don’t ever grind big bones – you’ll ruin your disposal.

For real peace-of-mind, get your garbage disposal, and drain lines checked, so that you and your love ones will have a Happy Thanksgiving. Contact Griswold Plumbing, LLC  your trusted Connecticut (CT) plumbing contractor. Call us today at 860-554-5219!

hot water heater installation ct

How To Properly Maintain Your Water Heater

Water heaters are one of the most important parts of a home’s operating equipment. It keeps heats water, and then stores the hot water for any number of uses. If a water heater goes haywire, an individual will quickly notice just how important it is to their daily life. However, a properly maintained water heater should give you little to no problems whatsoever, and will save you money and frustrations in the long run.

One of the first things to look for when checking your water heater for maintenance purposes, is leaks. If there are any leaks, it should be noted where the water is coming from. There are a few options available for taking care of leaks, depending on where they are located on the water heating system.

However, if someone is not sure about the kinds of pipes and/or connections being used, the best bet is to call a professional and have them take a look at it. Even if a person chooses not to ultimately use their services, they will at least be facing their potential water heater problems with more information, which will leave them better prepared in the long run.

Some pipes are more difficult to replace than others, such as copper pipes which need to be sized, cut, and soldered.

Another area that is very important to consider is whether your water heater is powered by electricity, or heated by the means of a gas connection. For electric heaters, the tank must be completely full and void of air before the power is turned on, or the upper heating elements will burn out. For gas heaters, it is necessary to check the pilot flame and make sure it is lit.

The pressure valve must also be checked to ensure that it is operating properly. The pressure valve helps a user to determine if there is too much, or too little pressure in the tank. The tank itself should be flushed every 6 months, or so, to guarantee that your lines are all clean and that everything is flowing just as it should flow.

A properly maintain water heater can save you from costly repairs in the future, and it will also lower your energy cost. Contact Griswold Plumbing Services LLC. We are your Connecticut (CT) water heater specialists! Call us today at 860-554-5219.