Identify The Warning Signs Of Toxic Acidic Chemicals In Your Water

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When you think about individuals at high risk of drinking contaminated water, you often relate this to homeowners who utilize a standing water source or well. While these may be common sources of contamination risk, it does not mean individuals who utilize city services are safe from contamination. Damage to underground distribution pipes or the pipes in your home can allow contaminants and toxins to enter your water supply.

When you suspect contamination in your water, it is vital to immediately contact a plumbing specialist who can test your water and detect the source of any problems found. To help you in identifying problems and warning signs of toxic acidic chemicals in your water supply, the following four warning signs should be watched for.

First Warning Sign: Water Discoloration

One of the simplest signs of contamination can be discovered with discoloration in your water. Unless your water is crystal clear, you may be exposing yourself to contaminated water. Discoloration is often a sign of a damaged pipe allowing sediment and other chemicals into your water supply.

Second Warning Sign: Odor

Your drinking water should offer no scent at all so when you detect a foreign scent coming from your water supply it is time to contact a plumber to have your water tested.

Third Warning Sign: Illness

Illness is something every person faces so it is important to identify the source of any sickness you experience. Simply being sick does not mean that your water has been contaminated by toxic elements. However, when multiple family members are experiencing illness for an extended period of time it would be advisable to have your water tested to rule out this potential contagion.

Fourth Warning Sign: Metal Corrosion

In extreme cases of toxic acidic contamination, you will be able to detect corrosion on your facets and plumbing. Maintaining clean water supply resources can help to identify when a problem may be occurring.

Looking for any of these warning signs can help you in discovering contamination risks found with your water supply. If you suspect any risk involved with your drinking water, immediately contact the resources of a plumbing specialist to confirm or deny any risks.


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