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Experience the Difference with Our Water Filtration Systems

In the modern era, water filtration systems have evolved from a luxury to a necessity. Elevate the quality of water in your home with our efficient and low-maintenance water filtration solutions. For expert water filtration installations and repairs in Connecticut, you can trust the dedicated professionals at Griswold Plumbing.

Discover the Best Water Filtration System Options

At Griswold Plumbing, we offer a range of unique water filtration systems, each designed to cater to specific contaminants in your water supply. There are two main types of home water filtration systems tailored to meet your specific needs. Each filter type removes a different set of contaminants.

1. Sediment Filter Cartridge

Say goodbye to sand, silt, dirt, rust, and other sediments with our advanced sediment filter cartridges. Crafted from cellulose fiber, polyester, or porous ceramic materials, these filters ensure optimal contaminant removal. Some options are even reusable, providing an eco-friendly solution.

2. Carbon Filter Cartridge

Unleash the power of activated carbon with our carbon filter cartridges, available in loose pellet or solid chunk form. Targeting chlorine, trihalomethanes, lead, pesticides, toluene, and radon, these filters excel at eliminating smaller, finer particles. While not reusable, the effectiveness of carbon filters makes them a worthwhile investment.

Uncomplicated Maintenance for Long-Term Performance

While our water filtration systems boast minimal moving parts and low maintenance, it’s crucial to address potential issues promptly. Common concerns, such as worn-out hoses or leaks, are easily fixable with quick replacements.

Remember, low maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance. Regular inspections are essential, with a primary focus on filter maintenance. Adhering to the manufacturer’s recommendations for filter changes or cleaning is vital for sustained performance. Aging filters struggle to remove contaminants efficiently, leading to potential interruptions in water flow.

Let our experienced technicians help ensure the longevity of your filtration system. Request your service appointment today.

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