Well Water Treatment

Ensuring the Optimal Quality of Your Well Water

At Griswold Plumbing, we understand that the quality of your home’s water is crucial for the well-being of you and your family. Our commitment extends beyond standard services—we offer a complimentary Water Wellness Check (valued at $159) with every service call, providing you with peace of mind and a thorough understanding of your well water’s composition through lab testing.

Protecting Your Home from Common Well Water Concerns

Your water supply deserves the utmost protection. We address various well water concerns, including:

  • Hard Water
  • Acidic Water
  • Rust Stains
  • Hydrogen Sulfide (Sulfur) Odor
  • Lower Well Water Pressure or No Water At All
  • Water-Born Bacteria
The Most Common Sources of Contaminants of your Well Water
  • Naturally occurring chemicals and minerals (for example, arsenic, radon, and uranium)
  • Local land use practices (fertilizers, pesticides, livestock, animal feeding operations)
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Malfunctioning waste water treatment systems such as nearby septic systems

Any time you notice a significant change in your well water quality, you should have your well water tested. A change in your water’s taste, color, or smell is not necessarily a health concern. However, a change in your well water could be a sign of a serious contamination problem.

Identifying and Addressing Contaminants

Our well and water treatment services encompass a range of solutions, including:

  • Well pump installations, repair, or replacement
  • Water treatment and purification
  • Testing for minerals and hazardous elements like lead
  • Tracing the source of leaks, impurities, or groundwater problems
  • Well water line inspections
  • Well seal inspections
  • Raising wells to above-grade to meet CT code
Regular Testing for Well Water Quality

For homes with wells, annual laboratory testing is recommended, focusing on total coliform bacteria, nitrates, total dissolved solids, and pH levels. Biannual testing is preferable, especially when there are suspicions of other contaminants. In the southern CT area, incidents of arsenic, solvents, nitrates, lead, and a pesticide known as Dildren have been historically reported. We provide the assurance that your well water is safe, and if issues arise, we have the expertise to treat and resolve them.

Your Trusted Well Water Treatment Partner

Griswold Plumbing is your locally owned and family-operated, award-winning well water treatment company. Proudly serving Middlesex County and portions of New Haven County, New London County, Hartford County, and Tolland County in Connecticut, our service region includes towns such as Chester, Killingworth, Deep River, Essex, Old Saybrook, Westbrook, Clinton, Haddam, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Water wells and well pumps come in different sizes and pump water at different rates. It’s easy to test the well pump to determine what the actual flow rate from the pump. This will allow the right size water treatment system that can be preferred which will work great with the given flow rate.

Nearly all water treatment systems are self-cleaning and need to have a specific minimum flow rate. A common problem is to use a water treatment system that will require 10 gals. per minute, but the existing well pump can only produce 7 gallons a minute. After a number of weeks, the water treatment system fails to backwash properly and becomes fouled.

Yes, water pressure has a crucial role in selecting a water treatment system. Virtually all water treatment systems are going to decrease the water pressure as the water flows through the equipment. It is very important to be aware of what the water pressure from the well pump and pressure system is, prior to selecting a water treatment system in order to end up with decent water pressure inside the bathroom as well as other fixtures and home appliances. A lot of well pump systems are generally fine-tuned to operate at a better pressure, if the pressure is not high enough to begin with.

While some water treatment systems get rid of several pollutants, there is not just one treatment system that can work for every application or water contaminant. It is very important to know what the ability of the treatment methods that are being considered, what impurities they extract, precisely what number of flow rates they will process, and what water pressures they will operate within. Your first step should be to contact the well water treatment experts at Griswold Plumbing. We will help you figure it out.

If you receive water from a municipal water supplier, then you can review your local “Consumer Confidence Report” (CRC) to learn what is in your water. Each year, public water suppliers are required to provide a CRC. If you are on a private well, you can send off for a water analysis from a certified laboratory.

Yes, all in home water treatment equipment needs occasional attention and many require replacement filters & membranes. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended service and maintenance instructions.

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