Well Pump & Tank Efficiency Test

Free Well Pump Efficiency Test With Your Next Service Call

The health of your water is critical to you and your family’s overall health. This Offer Is Only Available With Griswold Plumbing Services, LLC of Connecticut (CT) and through our water services division, Griswold Water Services.

Is Your Well Water Unhealthy?

Obviously, you want to know how healthy or unhealthy your water is for you and your family. Our Well Pump Efficiency Test helps you discover if you have hard water, acidic water, iron, sulfur, manganese, chlorine taste or smell, and radon, which can cause problems that may or may not be obvious. For example, hard water causes mineral deposits, which can build up within a water heater. This build up will cost you 70 cents of every dollar you spend to heat your water. These deposits will be inside your water heater.

Determine If You Have Hard Water.

Hard water may be causing your dry skin and hair. In extreme cases, the deposits can even make your pipes clog. Your glasses may have a cloudy look to them, which could also be from hard water. If you have hard water, we can fix it.

Determine If You Have Acidic Water.

Acidic water will cause pinholes in your piping. These pinholes could be emitting water in your walls that you cannot see. If you have acidic water and it goes untreated for too long, you may experience a sudden major water leak in your ceilings or walls. Also, you may have a bluish-green stain in your sinks or toilets from acidic water. If your water is acidic, we can fix it.

Determine If You Have Manganese In Your Water.

Manganese is every bit as annoying as having iron in your water – perhaps even more so. It can clog your pipes and cause staining. If you have manganese in your water, we can fix this.

Determine If You Have Sulfur In Your Water.

If you have sulfur in your water, your water most likely smells like rotten eggs. While sulfur isn’t necessarily harmful to you, the smell can be very unpleasant. We can help rid your water of this smell.

Determine If You Have Iron In Your Water.

If you have iron in your water, it causes a brownish, orange stain in your sinks, toilets, or even your clothing. As the iron builds up in your pipes, it will eventually clog your pipes and cause even more severe staining. The staining becomes very difficult to clean. If you have iron in your water, Griswold Plumbing Services, LLC or our water services division, Griswold Water Services, has the solution.

Includes A Complete Diagnostic Of Well Pump And Well Tank System.

This diagnostic test will ensure your pump is running optimally and efficiently. We will perform the following:

Diagnostic on well pump:

  • Test pump voltage and amps
  • Drain and flush well tank
  • Test diaphragm pressure
  • Visual inspection outside of well to make sure you have a code approved safety cap

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