Pesky Problems That Arise From Hard Water

effect of hard water

Our plumbers are well acquainted with the consequences of hard water. Hard water can contain minerals such as calcium, copper, magnesium, iron and other elements that mix with soap. The mixture eventually creates havoc in your home. Soaps cannot effectively remove all the dirt from clothing or the body. The most costly effect of hard water is the toll it takes on water lines and appliances. Minerals build up on the inside, which lead to clogged lines and decreased water pressure. Clogging reduces the efficiency of appliances that use water in its daily operations. Hard water requires your appliances to work harder to produce the same results. There is also a corrosive effect on lines, connections and appliances decreasing their life span.

Our plumbers commonly find that the bottom of hot water tanks can also fall victim to hard water deposits. The buildup continues and corrosion slowly works on the metal until the tank itself leaks water. Dishwashers, boilers, pumps and washing machines are also at risk.Clothing washed in hard water suffers its own consequences. Over time, clothes will feel scratchy and rough. Clothes will become dingy, fibers will sustain damage and clothing will not last as long. Detergent combined with hard water results in the formation of soap curds or scum. A person who bathes and washes their hair using hard water finds that the scum remains in the hair and on the skin. Hair can appear dry and dull, and the skin can become irritated from the film left behind. There are currently no serious health problems caused by hard water.

Dishware, shower doors, faucets, bathtubs and toilets suffer from staining and spotting. Glass frequently has white spots and ceramic or metal surfaces can build up minerals into a brown, crusty surface. The stains are stubborn and hard to remove. When the build up occurs around pipe-fittings, our plumbers often see corrosive results that cause water leaks and line breaks. Deposits that have built up inside water lines will cause a reduction in water pressure because they narrow the lines. Over time, water pressure may slow to a trickle or stop flowing altogether.


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