Why Have A Garbage Disposal?

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A garbage disposal is one of the most useful tools in the kitchen. No one needs to have smelly garbage under the kitchen sink. Bagged garbage is also a problem and will also attract unwanted animals. Sometimes the family dog will get into the garbage, and not only is it unhealthy for him it can be dangerous. That is where a garbage disposal comes in handy. It takes care of the problem. There is no need to put food and other things in the trash. They can be ground and flushed down the disposal into the kitchen pipes. Remember, it is important to run plenty of water when using the disposal. It will keep the pipes clean and fresh and is an important part of how the disposal works.

There are several different makes and models when it comes to disposals. It is important to get a good one that has all the needed features to last for several years. If the disposal in the home is old and outdated, it will often cause problems. Disposals are often reasonably priced, so it is worth buying a new one.

There are some garbage disposals that will grind chicken bones, fruit rinds and even coffee grounds. This is good news for homeowners who like a clean fresh kitchen. Nothing is worse then the smell of garbage sitting in the waste can.

The newer disposals liquefy the garbage. It is then safe for septic tank and other plumbing systems. A disposal can last for several years with proper care. There are some things that should not be put in the disposal. Carrot and potato peels will often clog the disposal at the most inopportune time. Holidays and other times when the cook of the house is planning the perfect dinner, the disposal backs up. Most people try to clean it out themselves, but it often requires a good plumber to take the pipes apart and clean them out. They have all the right equipment to do this messy chore and will make the process seem easy.

Some people try to install a disposal themselves. Most of time, it is better to have a plumber put it in. They know all the tricks to make the process easy. Because this is a quick job, the fee is usually small. Most people appreciate the plumber being able to install the unit and have it up and working very quickly. No need for the whole kitchen to be out of commission all day when a plumber does the job.

If you will like to install a new garbage disposal in your kitchen or just need to service your current one,  contact Griswold Plumbing Services, Connecticut’s (CT’s) garbage disposal specialist. Call us today at 860-554-5219,

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