How A Sump Pump Works During & After A Flood

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Many Americans have to deal with moisture or floods below their homes. Water damage is very expensive and can cost thousands of dollars in repairs for homeowners. Expense is not the only problem that is caused by flooding or moisture. Tenants may also have to deal with mold and mildew growing inside their homes because of the moisture below. Mold and mildew can cause breathing issues and other health related issues in people residing in these homes. A sump pump can prevent damage to the home and health problems for homeowners.

There are basically two types of sump pumps. The submersible pump lays in the water and is housed within a case. It has a grate that the water is pulled into but keeps trash from getting into the pump. The second type is the pedestal pump. It has a long pedestal that keeps the pump out of the water. A pipe pulls the water into the pump.
The pedestal pump is less expensive but keep up more noise.

A sump pump keeps the basement and crawlspace area dry and prevents flooding. The pump is placed in a pit where water can flow into it through drains or by natural water migration. The sump pump pumps the water out of the pit and away from the basement or crawlspace. Many homes located in flood zones have sump pumps. However, sump pumps have become very common in houses that are being constructed.

A hole is dug in the lowest part of the basement or crawlspace and gravel is placed in the bottom of the pit. The sump pump stands in the pit. It has a floater or pressure sensor that is activated once the pit fills with water. During a flood the pit fills with water which activates the sump pump. It constantly pumps water out of the pit through a discharge pipe to the outside where the water can safely drain away. The pipe has a valve that keeps the water flowing out of the pump which prevents back flow into the home.

A sump pump can be useful to any home, especially if the home is in a low lying area or in a flood zone. For more information about sump pump contact Griswold Plumbing, LLC your trusted Connecticut (CT) plumbing contractor. Call us today at 860-554-5219!

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