The Effects Of Sulfur In Your Drinking Water

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How Sulfur Enters Our Water

When sulfur enters our drinking water, it will cause a production of sulfide gas. This occurs because of bacteria in the water that will eventually cause a reduction in sulfite ores when sulfur is present. Well water is far more likely to become contaminated by sulfide gas because of where it is stored and how the system functions. The water itself is a solvent that unintentionally dissolves minerals wherever it goes.

Sulfur In Well Water

One way to avoid sulfur in water would be to stop using a well. For many people this may not be a reasonable solution, but the rocks lining most wells are far more likely to produce sulfur. Rain water running into a well can drag along with it the sulfur of rocks in the land around the well. This is an unfortunate aspect of owning a private well. Health effects vary and often times sulfur only alters the taste and odor of the water, but consuming too much sulfur can be a real problem.

How Sulfur Effects Us

Most people consume sulfur every single day, and not just from their water. Plenty of common foods contain sulfur, such as eggs and fish. In fact, regardless of the negative effects of sulfur in water, the substance is regularly used to maintain hair and skin health. Unfortunately, sulfur in food is easy to control while sulfur in drinking water is not. When sulfur is in the drinking water of your home, you and your family may not be able to avoid consuming too much sulfur. Such over consumption can lead to serious health problems such as diarrhea and dehydration.

How To Deal With Sulfur In The Water

The most common way of dealing with sulfur in drinking water is the use of chlorine. Chlorine will transform sulfur into large yellow chunks that are easy to filter out of the water. Sulfur can be dangerous for infants, so water treatment is highly recommended. Tests can be performed to determine the amount of sulfur in water so that the proper steps may be taken to prevent any health risks.


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