Problems From Rust & Iron In Your Water

iron in water

Nothing can be more offensive than turning on your tap, filling up a glass of water, and discovering iron and rust sediment settling at the bottom of your drinking glass. The offensive smell and brown discoloration can be enough to make anyone cringe. The rust and iron can cause discoloration and staining on a variety of surfaces in the bathroom including porcelain. The sink, toilet, and faucets can start showing signs of rust, bacteria, and slimy residue from excessive iron amounts in the piping and water supply.

Iron in the water supply can be troublesome for you and challenging for your house-guests, as well. There are a few different ways that iron can get into the drinking supply. It is important to have a professional determine the cause so that it can be alleviated efficiently and without reoccurring. It can be something as simple as the wear or corrosion of plumbing. Steel and iron pipes break down when the acid level in water is below 6.5, creating sediment, unwanted odors, and staining. A water test is typically the safest and most efficient route to determine the cause of iron build-up and appearance. A plumbing technician can determine the severity of the problem and act swiftly to stop it.

There should be no fear about the water being unhealthy to ingest if it contains some iron. Although, the smell and color are not aesthetically pleasing, it won’t hurt you. A plumbing technician may do something as simple as installing a water filter or it may be far more complicated such as replacement plumbing. No matter what the source of the iron is, it can be fixed by a local plumbing company in your area. You don’t have to live with the foul-smelling odors, staining, and unsavory lifestyle that comes from rusty water, linens, and bathrooms.


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