Experiencing Low Water Pressure?

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Whether trying to wash a load of laundry, or hoping for a steaming hot shower, water pressure plays an essential role in just about every activity or chore that involves water in the household. However, water pressure can easily be affected by a wide range of issues, some large and some small.

The buildup of sediment is one common cause of low water pressure which can lead to clogs in your pipes. Sediment can develop either from flowing in from your municipal source or well, or from substances like dirt or pipe shavings which can enter your plumbing after working on the pipes or installing new ones.

The back-flow preventer or pressure reducing valve is another area to consider when looking at issues with water pressure. These devices regulate the pressure of the water entering your home. If these start to break down over time or are installed incorrectly, the overall water pressure can be reduced significantly.

A water pressure issue can also occur because of your water supply shutoff valves. If you have recently had to turn off your water for repairs or other issues, you may not have opened the valve back up completely. This can reduce the amount of water that flows through the valve, reducing your water pressure.

If you have galvanized or steel pipes that are greater than 20 years old, your water pressure issue may stem from pipe corrosion. Over time these types of pipes can corrode and lead to mineral buildup which can block the pipes and reduce water flow. This problem can be verified by a plumbing professional, who can also provide options for fixing the problem.

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