How To Properly Maintain Your Water Heater

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Water heaters are one of the most important parts of a home’s operating equipment. It keeps heats water, and then stores the hot water for any number of uses. If a water heater goes haywire, an individual will quickly notice just how important it is to their daily life. However, a properly maintained water heater should give you little to no problems whatsoever, and will save you money and frustrations in the long run.

One of the first things to look for when checking your water heater for maintenance purposes, is leaks. If there are any leaks, it should be noted where the water is coming from. There are a few options available for taking care of leaks, depending on where they are located on the water heating system.

However, if someone is not sure about the kinds of pipes and/or connections being used, the best bet is to call a professional and have them take a look at it. Even if a person chooses not to ultimately use their services, they will at least be facing their potential water heater problems with more information, which will leave them better prepared in the long run.

Some pipes are more difficult to replace than others, such as copper pipes which need to be sized, cut, and soldered.

Another area that is very important to consider is whether your water heater is powered by electricity, or heated by the means of a gas connection. For electric heaters, the tank must be completely full and void of air before the power is turned on, or the upper heating elements will burn out. For gas heaters, it is necessary to check the pilot flame and make sure it is lit.

The pressure valve must also be checked to ensure that it is operating properly. The pressure valve helps a user to determine if there is too much, or too little pressure in the tank. The tank itself should be flushed every 6 months, or so, to guarantee that your lines are all clean and that everything is flowing just as it should flow.

A properly maintain water heater can save you from costly repairs in the future, and it will also lower your energy cost. Contact Griswold Plumbing Services LLC. We are your Connecticut (CT) water heater specialists! Call us today at 860-554-5219.

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