How Not To Treat Your Garbage Disposal On (And After) Thanksgiving Day

what not to put down your drain

Thanksgiving Day is almost here. It’s a time when families get together with friends and loved ones to give thanks for our blessings. Not only will we eat turkey with all the fixings, we’ll probably watch football, and enjoy each others company. But did you know Thanksgiving Day and the day after are the biggest days of the year for plumbing problems?

The truth is these critical plumbing problems are mainly garbage disposals. The usual cause is an old or worn out disposal, or attempting to process certain food items and grease. The drain lines connected to your disposal can’t handle grease, big bones, fibrous vegetables like celery, corn husk silk, even artichokes. What happens? Your drain lines clog and you get a smelly mess backing up into your sink. This can be quite embarrassing and stressful with a house full of company.

What can you do to steer clear of disposal and drain line problems? For one thing, you can pour your grease and fat into a can, freeze it, and throw it out with your garbage. Your bones can go into a plastic bag and end up in the trash. Throw the fibrous waste out with the trash. Just as easy as that.

Let’s take minute and talk about garbage disposal operation. It’s early enough for you to take a few operational precautions to avoid Thanksgiving Day garbage disposal problems. Experts say before you use your disposal, run cold water into it for about 30 seconds. Then, after you grind your items, run the cold water for another 15 seconds to flush the disposal and the drain lines. As a rule, you can put small bones in your disposal since they’ll sharpen the blades. On the other hand, don’t ever grind big bones – you’ll ruin your disposal.

For real peace-of-mind, get your garbage disposal, and drain lines checked, so that you and your love ones will have a Happy Thanksgiving. Contact Griswold Plumbing, LLC  your trusted Connecticut (CT) plumbing contractor. Call us today at 860-554-5219!

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