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ct home winterizationAre you in need of Home Winterization Services in CT for the coming season?  Don’t wait until your pipes freeze, burst, or cause other structural damage. Contact the experts at Griswold Plumbing today at 860-554-5219 to schedule an appointment and have our friendly and experienced technicians take all of the necessary steps to ensure your home is weatherproof for the coming months to avoid any stressful or costly damages this holiday season. Now is the perfect time to start protecting your home for the coming winter.

CT Home Winterization Services

During the chilly months of winter, preferring to stay indoors enjoying the cozy warmth of a fireplace, you’ll want to protect your home’s plumbing from the cold wind. Winterization is an essential measure for your home in order to avoid complications such as leakage, bursting pipes, and other structural damages. Furthermore, cleaning the debris that can block your home’s gutters is essential so that the excess rainwater and snow can easily flow through them. In addition, you can also use gutter screens to keep them clean throughout the winter months. Have questions about winterizing your home this season? Call Griswold Plumbing today at 860-554-5219.

Protect Your Home with the Following, Included Services:

  • Draining and cleaning all heating and plumbing arrangements, as per requirements.
  • Air pressure clearance of all plumbing arrangements after shutting the water supply during the process.
  • Application of anti-freezing elements to the gutters, taps, and fixtures of the property.
  • Disconnection of water meters or feed pipes and re-installation of the same.
  • Pipe insulation, as per requirements.

Call Griswold Plumbing, your Connecticut winterization specialist, today at 860-554-5219 to enjoy the chilled winters inside a safe and warm home that is winter-proof from the wear and tear caused by the season’s wind and rain.

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michael karam
20:06 18 Sep 17
These guys are the best hands down. Jeremy does excellent work and always goes the extra mile. He's saved me multiple times on lots of plumbing needs in and around my home. The whole team is friendly and excellent to work with.
Sherri Johnson
13:33 22 Sep 17
Fantastic company. I worked with Jeremy. Excellent work, very efficient, very knowledgeable, and courteous. I am very happy, and will recommend this company.
Joe DeLaurentis III
16:10 25 May 17
I often refer Griswold Plumbing to my home inspection clients but this time I needed personal service and Tim and his crew were fantastic. They were prompt in addressing an emergency water heater issue and also solved a well tank problem. Great service at a resonable price.
Jeremy Holt
22:41 14 Jun 17
Griswold plumbing did a great job at a fair price. I would absolutely recommend Griswold to friends and family.
Susan Ross
23:16 05 May 16
We just had a pump and tank put in today. I am extremely happy with the excellent work they did. I would definitely recommend them for well work or plumbing work.. Excellent...thank you
Jon Barton
22:08 21 Oct 17
Griswold Plumbing came out to my house to replace my water tank. The service was on point and took only an hour! I am extremely satisfied with the work I received from Griswold Plumbing Services and will definitely call them for any future plumbing needs!!
Aicha Verderosa
04:06 12 Jan 18
My aunt and uncle hired this company to install a new water heater...Jeremy and Zee were very professional and accurate. Great customer service and an excellent job! My Aunt and Uncle were very satisfied!!
Bill Adams
17:56 07 Jul 17
We have relied on Griswold Plumbing for several projects in our home in Westbrook through the years, and our experience with Jeremy has always been top notch. We just finished a bathroom remodel and needed Jeremy and his assistant Dimitri to come out on 3 separate occasions, each time with prompt professionalism and really good communication. There is great value in a service company who gives you their cell phone numbers.We highly recommend Griswold Plumbing - and Jeremy - to anyone needing fast and professional plumbing service.Bill & Maggieread more
Elise Barton
18:20 22 Jun 18
Griswold Plumbing replaced our water tank. They were very professional and curteous. They came out right out when we were having issues. I would highly recommend their services.
Daniel Kinsman
19:29 28 Jul 18
I had to replace a sink and toilet in my bathroom and the old sink was 54 years old and pipes broke and so on. They came out quick and did a great job.
15:15 18 Oct 18
I Waited a week for services. They then proceeded to reschedule me on three different occasions twice within the same week. They then stated they wanted to recommend a drainage specialist. No thanks.
Thomas Debski
14:06 20 Nov 18
It could very well be that these folks do excellent work, but I'll never know. My experience was similar to the recent review by Stickshift. I re-arranged my work schedule and they called to reschedule. I took time off from work and they called after the appointment time to let me know they needed to reschedule. They arrived onsite but then told me they would need to reschedule because of a puppy that they knew would be in the house. I made arrangements for the pup for the rescheduled time and they called to cancel. So much wasted time. They finished by recommending someone else. Again, familiar story with Stickshift. If you have time to waste you can give these guy a chance. . .read more
Todd Rosenthal
19:16 12 Dec 18
Griswold did work for me to fix a toilet that leaked into my kitchen. They were prompt and very professional. Several months later water was again dripping slightly (glad I hadn't closed off the ceiling hole just yet!) and I was bracing myself for a huge job addressing a deeper problem. Instead, they fixed it FOR FREE, letting me know it was under a warranty I didn't even realize I had. AWESOME. Thank you guys for your honesty and professionalism.read more
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